Milestones & Achievements

2018: The new revolution of digital printing

  • Tecnau Unveils Revolution 50 Series for Continuous Inkjet Presses at Print 18. A family of products featuring top speeds up to 656 fpm/200 mpm, Internet-of-Things (IoT) compatibility, and media flexibility as required in today’s most demanding digital print environments. The first member of the Revolution 50 family, the new Stack 5250 system accommodates the broad range of papers and heavy ink coverages characteristic of the demanding graphic arts applications migrating to inkjet print as enabled by the emerging generation of high-speed inkjet presses.

  • Tecnau adds to its Libra book-block making family with the introduction of the Libra SR system for short-run production of book blocks behind high-speed web-fed inkjet printers. Libra SR offers a medium level of automation to cost-effectively produce short-run g