Tecnau introduces a new high-speed
book-block production system

Ivrea, Italy: to meet customers’ demands for even more variable and productive solutions, Tecnau announces the availability of the new High-Speed TC 7800 Book-Block Production System, mainly targeted as a roll-input channel for the well-known Libra 800 book finishing solution. The system increases web speed and reduces book block assembly cycle time, resulting in a throughput improvement for book binding by up to 30%.

Configured with a high-speed unwinder, slit-merge and dual web cutter, the system can produce books-of-one variable in height, width and thickness at speeds up to 180 m/min. The system is based on the well-established Cutter TC 7800 series and includes a new tight web merging module, which ensures stable paper handling at high speeds for a broad paper weight range, from lightweight to heavy stocks.

The new High-Speed TC 7800 Book-Block Production System supports web widths up to 25.2-inch (640mm), enabling the widest array of applications for book-of-one productions, including A4 landscape size, to maximize the size range of the Libra 800 VB Variable Binder and Libra 800 VT Variable Three-Knife Trimmer.

The system can also produce book blocks to feed third party binders, with fully automated non-stop book-by-book delivery, or be used as a standalone production line for short runs.

As for all new Tecnau lines, the new High-Speed TC 7800 Book-Block Production System offers a wide level of integration and customization, with a centralized workflow control system and remote diagnostics for quick service support.

Tecnau innovative solutions for the publishing segment include book block and finished book production, both from roll and cut sheet, targeted to short runs and book-of-one. Tecnau leads the way towards lean book manufacturing, from order entry to delivery, helping to dramatically reduce inventory, minimize paper waste and simplify internal and external logistics.

Unwinder u30 for wide web paper rolls

Slit-merge module for 2-up to 1-up production

Tight web to ensure stable paper handling

Tight web to ensure stable paper handling

Dual web cutter TC 7800 series