Tecnau is excited to announce the full release of the new stacker s25

The Stacker s25 features a new gripper technology (patent pending) to provide reliable, damage-free handling of heavy-ink-coverage graphic arts applications. The solution responds to the growing demand for high quality digitally printed applications on a broad variety of media types (inkjet treated, offset coated and uncoated) and paper weights.

The stacker can be combined with the well-established Cutters c20 and c23 with single or dual rotary knives to sheet the web using single cut or variable double strip cut for full bleed color printing or removal of inkjet flush lines.

The solution requires no manual adjustment when changing media or application, for highest ease of use and continuous production.

The Stacker s25 was shown at drupa 2016 as a technology demonstration in the Tecnau booth and is now available worldwide.

More information and contact details available
at https://www.tecnau.com/contacts/