Our extensive background in industrial automation enables us to support specific requests for the customization of existing products, and underpins our design and development of new products in anticipation of future customer requirements.

We welcome new ideas!

Product customization for special requirements:

Innovations in new paper and media substrates, workflow solutions, and improvements in quality and versatility of digital print all generate new performance standards for finishing solutions, such as heavy and light paper support, higher speed and automation in paper processing. We have always responded positively to these and other requests by enlarging specifications and performance of existing products to meet these new requirements. Some examples of this responsiveness are:

  • “HS” series of dynamic perforators for onsite upgradability in speed and performance;

  • StreamFolder with semi-automated folding heads to facilitate 2up/3up format change
  • Dynamic length cut & stack for short run production
  • Heavy Paper kits for unwinders/rewinders, processors and more

We are pleased to propose solutions to your anticipated needs.

New developments for future needs:

Technology meeting unsolved needs may give rise to the most surprising and advanced innovations. Several among our products were inspired by customer and partner requests. Some examples of this forward thinking are:

  • TC 1550 Series for Dynamic Perforating and Punching;
  • Libra 800 series (Variable Binder and Variable Trimmer) for book of one production;
  • Zero Speed Splicer u40 for automated roll change and on the fly substrate variation;
  • Dynamic cross and vertical scoring
  • PageReady fully-automated page finishing as an alternative to manual guillotining;
  • Tecnau Connect, a monitoring software to control the complete finishing line; and more.