Tecnau Corporate Quality Policy

The Corporate Quality Policy of Tecnau s.r.l. is designed to ensure the Company’s development and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Tecnau’s mission is:

  • to associate the Company’s image in people’s minds to the development and supply of innovative products and services that are technologically advanced and consistent with the highest quality standards;

  • to streamline the organisation of its internal resources and actively train them in order to prevent errors, delays and any inefficiencies

To fulfil its mission, Tecnau intends to:

  • Develop and maintain a Quality Management System that serves as a tool for achieving the Company’s goals and to ensure that it keeps its commitments, fostering the continuous improvement of Tecnau’s business processes and guaranteeing compliance with mandatory quality standards of its products and services with regards to the Company’s key markets and target countries.

  • Adopt an integrated risk-management system, in order to implement strategies that are most suitable to evaluate and handle risks associated to manufacturing processes while exploiting and enhancing opportunities that arise as part of the process.

  • Promote an appropriate proactive mindset at all levels in the management of the risks related to its business.

  • Invest resources and skills with the aim of grasping the needs of our customers and to plan the Company’s activities to meet those needs as best as possible.

  • Acknowledge Tecnau’s responsibility for the overall effectiveness of its QMS, making all the necessary resources available and making sure that the goals we set ourselves are compatible with the Company’s business context and strategic focuses.

  • Encourage the involvement of staff members and stakeholders alike, together with the active participation of all our partners, as a key strategic factor to ensure success.

  • Promote the development of the internal workforce’s set of skills and carefully select the type of partnerships we establish with parties outside the Company, in order to ensure that the human resources employed are both competent and passionate about what they do.

  • Promote consistency in the aims of the Company’s processes and in their evaluation to ensure Tecnau achieves its goals through the optimal use of its resources.

  • Effectively convey the importance of our QMS, so as to actively involve all stakeholders, coordinating and supporting them.

  • Strive for the continuous improvement of the QMS’ performance.