Static Punching TC 1750 P

///Static Punching TC 1750 P

Static Punching TC 1750 P


  • Easily program application changes from operator panel or by remote access
  • Up to four line hole punching devices (for side and central line holes) and up to four vertical perforation knives – optional
  • Standard pre-processing or unique post-processing device
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Tecnau has applied advanced technology to the standard tractor hole punch/fanfold processing. With speed up to 150 m/min, the TC 1750 P is a reliable and cost effective solution to convert pinless paper into pinfeed paper, to be used in near line inserting or finishing utilizing tractor holes transport.

The TC 1750 P may be configured either before or after the high speed digital printer. The new post-printer configuration eliminates any possible risk of contamination of printing heads from paper dust generated by the punching process.

Whether before or after the printer, the TC 1750 P is equipped with a vacuum system to clean the web and prevent paper dust from being transferred to the following process.

Two tractor hole punch wheels are standard; two more wheels may be added for two-stream pinfeed punching.

As with all of our products, the TC 1750 P is compatible with today’s most advanced digital printers and can be adapted to meet your printing needs.

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 1940 × 1380 × 1260 mm
Speed max.


Paper Weight

Web width

Perf. Type

Punch Type

Perf. Distance

Punch Wheels Distance

Punch Hole Diameter

Punch hole distance


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Infield Upgrade

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