StreamFolder f30 30″

///StreamFolder f30 30″

StreamFolder f30 30″


  • Web width up to 30”
  • Automated web guide
  • Motorized adjustment of fold heads
  • Minimize blank pages
  • Easy application changes
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The StreamFolder™ f30 folds the web one, two or three times lengthwise prior to cutting and stacking. The Cutter c20 uses a rotary knife to cut the printed and folded web to the desired length creating either a 4-, 6- or 8-panel signature. Finally, the Stacker s30 aligns and stacks the signatures to create offset book blocks ready for binding.

For maximum flexibility and efficiency, the StreamFolder f30 enables a 1-up stack of folded signatures to be created from either 2-up, 3-up or 4-up print streams and can easily be switched according to final book size and paper width.

After printing, the infeed of the StreamFolder f30 uses easily adjustable moisture heads or perforating wheels which prepare the web to be accurately folded. For 2-up printing, one fold station is used to simply fold the web in half. For 3-up and 4-up printing, two fold stations are used to create a Z-fold.
The Z-fold is a unique feature of Tecnau StreamFolder f20 and f30 solutions and it provides substantial advantages versus competitive C-fold systems. Every roll of paper has slight variations in width. Only the StreamFolder’s Z-fold design can guarantee fixed page registration to the spine edge, regardless of these variations. The Z-fold forces web-width variations to the face edge which is cleanly trimmed during binding producing a superior quality book.

Next, folded edges are flattened with pressing rollers in the outfeed of the StreamFolder and infeed of the Cutter, so the ppi of signature book blocks remains the same as cut sheet book blocks ensuring compatibility with existing cover art. The folded web is now cross cut to the required page length in the Cutter c20 and each signature is seamlessly transferred to the Stacker s30 which builds up to 10”-tall stacks of offset book blocks.
Signatures created with the Pacific series StreamFolder system are neatly stacked and can be quickly and easily jogged for reliable binding.

Output delivery options are easily switched with no movement of modules, to offer the flexibility you need for your print on demand applications. All components are modular, compact, and are designed to dramatically improve workflow.

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StreamFolder f30 30″ Brochure A4
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