Stack h10

Stack h10


  • Sheet jogger included
  • Sheet collection on trolley or pallet
  • Separation forks for continuous stacking while unloading

Large sheets, tall stacks

Stack h10 includes the appropriate Tecnau cutter and provides long sheet stacking on pallets or trolleys.

Build stacks of B2 sheets – or even larger – up to 700 mm (27.5”) high from your web-fed high-speed inkjet press. Piles are easily transported via your chosen method, trolleys or pallets moved with a pallet jack. Stack h10 is an ideal solution for commercial printers, producing applications like marketing brochures, newspapers, posters, book signatures and other large sheets.

Stack h10 is a flexible family of solutions built around the High Pile Stacker h10. The system also includes your choice of the Cutter c23, with double-cut to remove flush-lines or bleeds in the running direction, or the Cutter c20, if in your environment finishing devices will do final trim. Stacker s2x series may be included for letter/A4-sized output, to further increase your output options.

To expand your end-user offerings even further, the High Pile Stacker h10X enables production of sheets up to 1 meter in length.

Speed max.

Paper Weight

Finished Page

Stack height

Output Options


* below 80 & above 250 gsm requires application review
** up to 1000 mm ≈ 39.5" with speed and paper limitations

Stack h10 Brochure A4
Stack h10 Brochure US