Stack 2320

Stack 2320


  • Speed up to 450 ft/min
  • Full bleed variable strip cut
  • Flexible control of waste pages
  • 1-up, 2-up & 3-up offset stack
  • TransPromo and Graphic Arts
  • Document integrity control

The Stack 2320 system for color printers operates in-line or near-line with web-fed digital printers at speeds up to 450 ft/min. The system delivers 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks with variable full bleed cuts utilizing the Buffer 530, Cutter c23 and Stacker s20 modules. The optional Merger m20 allows 2-up print to be delivered in a single collated stack ready for inserting.

The Stack 2320 system incorporates Smooth-Web™ motion technology to gently transport paper from the printer to stacked output. The Buffer 530 accumulates the web and weaves it through rollers that rise and fall, filling the buffer and ensuring that stack deliveries will never stop the printer.

The Cutter c23 has dual rotary knives to sheet the web using single cut or variable double strip cut for full bleed color printing. Center slitting is also performed for 2-up or 3-up print streams and instantaneously offsets the entire web horizontally to separate jobs or book blocks before sheets enter the stacker.

Speed max.


Paper Weight

Web width

Form Length


Strip cut

Gutter Cut

Stack height


Output Options

Stack 2320 Brochure A4
Stack 2320 Brochure US
Stack 2320 Brochure DE