Stack 1010

Stack 1010

Stack 1010 includes Cutter c10 and Stacker s10 inline behind VarioPrint i-series

  • Minimizes finishing labor
  • Matches the speed of the press
  • Varied impositions supported
  • Easy operator change-over between jobs

Convert multi-up output from your Océ VarioPrint i-series color inkjet press sheets into smaller, stacked finished pages without guillotine cutters. Tecnau’s Stack 1010 reduces manual print handling and consolidates labor-intensive finishing operations in an inline automated process.

For applications from bills and statements to letters, books, and marketing brochures, from postcards to posters, Stack 1010 slits, cuts, trims, removes gutters/bleeds and stacks output, allowing users to process sheets in cost-effective multiple-up impositions without offline finishing.

The smart design of this solution allows for easy upgrades from standard cut and stack by adding modules to quickly expand printing possibilities down the road after installation. Choose additional options for dynamic perforations or punching – your investment is well protected.

Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 5460 × 950 × 1100 mm
Speed max.

Paper Weight

Input width

178 – 363 mm ≈ 7” – 14.3”

Input lenght

178 – 500 mm or up to 660 mm ≈ 7” – 19.7” or up to 26”

Output width

1-up: 152 – 363 mm ≈ 6” – 14.3”, 2-up: 203 – 363 mm ≈ 8” – 14.3”

Output length

102 – 480 mm ≈ 4” – 19”

Edge Trimming


Gutter Cut

Output Options

Stack height



Stack 1010 Canon Brochure A4

Stack 1010 Canon Brochure US

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