SheetFeeder NV

SheetFeeder NV

  • Reliable roll feeding
  • Full Nuvera compatibility
  • More uptime
  • Lower paper costs
  • Any sheet size
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Feed your Xerox Nuvera™ Digital Production System non-stop for hours. The SheetFeeder™ NV roll feed system cuts sheets from a large 50” diameter roll and feeds them on demand to the Nuvera for an operator shift or more, increasing throughput while lowering downtime, operator involvement and paper costs.

The SheetFeeder NV roll feed system is ideal for Xerox Nuvera users running 11 x 17 applications, as it essentially becomes a tray holding nearly 30,000 ledger-sized sheets. And, users may switch to an 8.5 x 11 application without changing rolls. Roll paper can be significantly less expensive than ream paper, particularly for papers that deviate from standard commodity reams, such as lighter or heavier weights, or odd sizes, where savings can amount to 30% or more. Hole punch, print register and running perforator options allow additional applications to be run cost-effectively in-line.

The SheetFeeder NV feeds sheets to the Xerox Nuvera 314, 288, 144, 120 or 100 Digital Production Systems, and comprises an unwinder, cutter and sheet transport.

The user-friendly unwinder includes automatic decurling, no-lift roll mounting and a self-centering design. Rolls up to 50” in diameter are loaded quickly and easily into the unwinder directly from an optional roll cart. The unwinder feeds the paper web to the SheetFeeder’s cutter, which then accurately produces consistent, square sheets for on-demand feeding. Form lengths are easily changed with the touch of a button.

The reliable sheet transport, with a patented single sheet feeding mechanism, feeds sheets into the leftmost feeder module of the Nuvera on demand. Because there is no buffer, there is virtually no waste when changing applications.
The flexible SheetFeeder NV allows both 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 applications to be run from the same 11” wide rolls or both A4 and A3 applications from the same 297 mm wide rolls. A SheetFeeder-equipped Nuvera may be easily switched on a job-by-job basis between roll and normal cut sheet operation.

All components use standard power, are mobile, modular, compact, and designed to dramatically improve work-flow.

SheetFeeder NV was developed by Tecnau in cooperation with Xerox, and is marketed and sold in North America by Xerox. In the rest of the world, SheetFeeder NV is marketed and sold directly by Tecnau and our network of distributors.

Paper Weight


Roll diameter

Roll weight

Core size


Optional Capabilities

Hole Punch
Operator selectable in-line US 3-Hole or A4 2/4-Hole. Avoid changing stock, save money on paper, and reduce inventory. Other punch patterns are available.

Print Register
Run pre-printed forms from a roll.

Running Micro-Perforator
Perforate in process direction to create tear-off remittance slips or other special applications, for significant savings on special stocks.

Right-hand and left-hand infeeds
For space-planning flexibility.

Roll carts
Move, store and load rolls with greater efficiency.

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