Sheeter 2020, Sig Fold

///Sheeter 2020, Sig Fold

Sheeter 2020, Sig Fold


  • Signatures created in-line
  • Lightweight compatible
  • Flexible operation
  • Easy application changes
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The Sheeter 568 system for in-line signature fold features the Unwinder u9, Cutter c20 and Stacker s20, Feeder 568 and conveyor operating with a third-party folder to produce multi-folded signatures in-line.

The center-shaft driven Unwinder u9 feeds a roll of paper up to 20.5” wide and 52” in diameter into the printer for continuous printing. Once the paper is printed, the Cutter c20 uses a rotary knife to cut printed output to the desired length. Individual sheets are then bypassed through the Stacker c20 and the Feeder 568 squares the sheets and delivers them to the folder. The sheets are folded to create signatures. Signatures can then be gathered into sets for near-line binding. The system is an ideal method for perfect-bound books requiring lightweight paper.

Alternatively, sheets may be sent to the Stacker s20 for production of cut sheet book blocks. Book blocks may then be transported to near-line finishing units, such as perfect binders or saddle stitchers.

Speed max.



Paper Weight

Web width

Form Length


Stack height

Output Options

Solution Modules

Optional Capabilities

Lightweight Paper
For lightweight paper applications, add the optional Buffer 530 to the Sheeter 568 system. Positioned between the printer and the Cutter 561, the Buffer 530 accumulates the lightweight paper web and weaves it through rollers that rise and fall, filling the buffer and allowing job delivery without stopping the printer.

Slit Merge
The Merger 535 option allows a 2-up printed web to be slit and merged into a single, collated paper stream. Positioned between the printer and the Cutter 561*, the web enters the Merger 535 and is slit in the center. A sensor continuously monitors the web for side-to-side variations or movement and the slitter automatically adjusts to cut precisely at the center of the web. The resulting two webs are then merged right-over-left or left-over-right, depending on the requirements of the application.

*Pinless slit merge applications require the Cutter 562.

Cutter 562
Same features as the Cutter 561, plus the ability to process pinless slit merge applications.

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