Sheet Perforator TC 1530 C

Sheet Perforator TC 1530 C

The TC 1530 C is designed to execute dynamic cross and vertical perforations inline to the Océ VarioPrint i-series.

  • Dynamic perforations
  • Horizontal & vertical
  • Very short repeat lengths
  • Field upgradable

TC 1530 C0


  • 2 vertical perforation wheels on one shaft.

TC 1530 C1


  • 1 cross perforation cylinder with 1 blade;

  • 2 vertical perforation wheels on one shaft.

TC 1530 C2


  • 2 cross perforation cylinders with 1 blade;

  • 2 vertical perforation wheels on one shaft.


Produce remittance stubs, coupons, convenience checks, and tear-out workbook pages in-line with your Océ VarioPrint i-series sheet-fed inkjet color presses from Canon. The TC 1530 C dynamic sheet perforator creates on-demand vertical and horizontal perforations, yielding user-friendly documents for your customer and application flexibility for you.

The TC 1530 C series features an optional two horizontal perforation blades per shaft, cutting in half the minimum horizontal perforation repeat available at a given speed. Choose from dynamic perforation models with two or four vertical perforation wheels, and zero (C0, for very simple remittance stub-like perforation needs), one (C1), or two (C2) horizontal cylinders, to best match your needs. The basic system is field upgradable (hardware and software) to add both horizontal and vertical perforation tools. Your investment decision today is secured to support more complex applications of tomorrow. A 2D Datamatrix on each page triggers one of up to 89 pre-programmed perforation patterns page-by-page within your job.

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 1700 × 950 × 1088 mm
Speed max.

Paper Weight

Form width

Form Length

Cross perf. width

356 mm max, 14” max

Cross perf. length

500 mm max, 19.7" max

Cross perf. repeat minimums

1 cylinder with 1 blade ≈ 5.5” min.
1 cylinder with 2 blades ≈ 2.75” min.

Continuous cross perf. repeat minimums

2 cylinders with 1 blade: 70 mm (2.75”)
2 cylinders with 2 blades: 35 mm (1.375”)
(2 perfs may be infinitely close, but the next pair must be at least 2.75” or 5.5” away)

Vertical perf. distance

50 mm (2”) minimum
6 mm (0.25") minimum with second shaft

Perf specification

7 to 50 TPI (standard TPI is 15)

TC 1530 C Brochure A4
TC 1530 C Brochure US

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