Tecnau Connect

Tecnau Connect


  • A central point to control the production area
  • Reduce time to set-up and monitor the production line
  • Keep track of production and error statistics
  • Point of access for remote support and assistance
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PrePost Manager consists of a touch screen PC and software to control one or multiple post processing and finishing lines. The operator can visualize, set up and control each machine from one single access point, simplifying its activity and reducing the time needed to set-up and monitor the production area.

PrePost Manager main feature include:

  • Status, ready/no-ready signals, warnings and errors, Line Speed
  • Enable/Disable various functionalities (perforation/punching, bypass, …)
  • Jobs under operation and to be executed
  • Insert, modify or delete jobs for dynamic perforation, punching and cutting
  • Upload parameters and jobs on each machine

Remote support (upon authorization):

  • Verify settings and operators actions
  • Modify parameters
  • Control errors and solve problems


  • Number of good/wrong 2D code read
  • Detect roll diameter, remaining meters/time to finish the roll, roll ID
  • Number of rolls processed per day, month, year, etc
  • Number of perforation performed on each cylinder / meters processed with each vertical knife
  • Number of punched holes
  • Number of cuts and stacks delivered
  • Report on waste pages
  • Errors statistics
  • Jobs processed per day, month, year, etc
  • Aggregation of the information on file .csv format

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