• Formats from 4” x 4” to 18” x 60”
  • 1-up, 2-up , 3-up & 4-up printing mode
  • Speed up to 60 m/min (60 ft/min)
  • Minimizes waste
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Finishing solution for fully trimmed and stacked photos

Cut and stack digitally-printed photographs over a broad range of finished sizes. PhotoReady™ slits and cuts pre-printed (and laminated) rolls into fully trimmed output, grouped according to the printing order and delivered to a stacker or a shingling conveyor.

A wide range of formats is supported, from 4” x 4” to 18” x 60”, printed in 1-up, 2-up, 3-up and 4-up modes.

PhotoReady features 2D Datamatrix recognition for group stacking, modular design for easy maintenance, and cutting speed and paper acceleration control, making this solution reliable and flexible for every kind of photo application.

The PhotoReady™ solution consists of the Unwinder 550, Cutter TC 7000 TS, 90° Rolling Table TC 7007 RT, Pile Stacker TC 1230, Exit Conveyor TC 0330 (or the optional Shingling Conveyor TC 0250). The system effortlessly produces stacks of photos of variable height at speeds up to 60 m/min (200 ft/min).

The center-shaft driven Unwinder 550 feeds a large diameter roll for many hours of continuous, uninterrupted printing. The Unwinder 550 handles coated and uncoated papers, offering consistent, reliable feeding with enlarged cylinders to prevent damage even to the heaviest papers.

Once printed, the Cutter TC 7000 TS performs gutter cuts and side trims depending on the imposition chosen. A 2D Datamatrix reader sets cut lengths and numbers of sheets per block, and provides blank paper info. After cross cutting, scraps are delivered to a waste container under the cutter and removed by the TC 0050 Vacuum. Blank paper is piled in stacks and delivered to the Exit Conveyor (short lengths under 2 meters may be diverted to a tray under the TC 7000 TS).

Left to right selective photo ejection is then performed on the 90° Rolling Table which connects the Cutter to the Stacker. The Table width is manually adjustable to fit different photo formats.
Once in the Pile Stacker, sheets are compressed, curled and delivered to the Exit Conveyor where they can be removed by the operator

Weight 1800 kg
Dimensions 5000 × 4600 × 1400 mm
Speed max.



Paper Weight

Web width

Form Length

Form width

Output Options

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Edge Trimming

Gutter Cut

Strip cut

Stack height

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