Libra VT

Libra VT


  • Fully automated variable book trimming
  • Productivity up to 800 books/hour
  • Thickness from 2 to 60 mm
  • Clean cut edges
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Three-knife trim a broad range of book sizes and thicknesses without operator adjustments. Libra VT automates the cutting and trimming book production process at speeds up to 800 books per hour. A fully automated on‑the‑fly system reads a barcode printed on each book cover to cut every single book with no operator intervention. A touch screen for data entry is available for semi-automated or manual operations.

Offering capability for variable sizes ranging from 100 x 130 to 320 x 360 mm (3.9” x 5.1” to 12.6” x 14.2”), the VT solution allows complete freedom of format on every single book to effectively enable short‑run or even book‑of‑one production.

More, the cutting power of this three‑knife trimmer accommodates with no effort a broad variety of books up to 60 mm in thickness without compromising accuracy and cutting sharpness.

The Libra VT derives from Tecnau’s well recognized LIBRA 800 book-making system, now available in a stand‑alone version to suit the requirements of each customer.

Books with spine covers facing the Libra VT are placed manually on an input conveyor by the operator. Bar codes printed on each book’s back cover are scanned by a reader; this data is immediately processed by system software to record book sizes automatically and adjust measures needed for the cuts.

Complying with the instructions contained on the barcode, mobile guides deliver the book in the correct position along the conveyor and into the three‑knife trimmer.

Each book is compressed to remove any air contained between the pages, and immediately afterwards the first blade removes the front section in accordance to the bar code information.

In the next section upper and lower parts of the book are cut and the book exits the Libra VT along a series of rollers leading to the external conveyor.

During the job, waste falls on a conveyor belt at the bottom of the trimmer to be transported to a storage container or other disposal systems.

In case of books with no bar codes, the Libra VT Three‑Knife Trimmer supports also a manual mode for entering dimensions and cutting measures from a touch screen.

Hybrid or semi-automatic solutions are possible with the option of reading the first book of a line and performing the same cut until the operator intervenes.

Speed max.

Raw Books width

120 – 330 mm, 4.7" – 13"

Raw Books height

130 – 330 mm, 5.1" – 13"

Raw Books thickness

2 – 60 mm, 0.079" – 2.36"

Finished Books width

100 – 320 mm, 3.9" – 12.6"

Finished Books height

130 – 360 mm, 5.1" – 14.2"

Finished Books thickness

2 – 60 mm, 0.079" – 2.36"

Important Notes

Thickness: above 60 mm requires application review

Optional Capabilities

PrePost Manager is a control software which records every activity performed by the line, from both technical and productivity perspectives. Depending on the information provided through a Datamatrix code, PrePost Manager tracks and reports a variety of productivity measures such as daily volumes, quantity per title and size, etc.

PrePost also records the activity performed by operators and service engineers on the unit, to provide valuable reports for preventive maintenance and trouble shooting. PrePost Manager may be used for remote support and to allow Tecnau engineers to connect to the unit and guide the local operators and technicians through problem solving.

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