Libra One

Libra One


  • Pre-glued book blocks
  • Variable signature length
  • On the fly change 2up/3up
  • Speed up to 130m/min (430fpm)
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Produce one unique book at a time, automatically.  Libra One is a fully integrated and automated system, allowing variability from one book to the next in dimension (footprint), thickness and imposition.

As the average book run is being significantly reduced, Libra One is the solution to support short run and book on demand production. With Libra, users can slash book stocks to zero, reducing dramatically paper waste and the risk of unsold inventory.

Libra One enables users to reach new markets where short runs are mandatory, such as manuals, limited editions, new authors publishing, art books, research papers, republishing, financial reports and more: small volume publications become an opportunity.

Supporting run speeds up to 130 m/min (430 ft/min), Libra One provides complete flexibility and efficiency for short run, personalized books and book of one production.


Libra One can operate inline or nearline to digital printers at speeds up to 130m/min. The system starts from a roll up to 19.7” wide, printed in 2up and 3up, and generates 12 page and 18 page signatures. Each book block can be composed of a variable number of signatures, and each signature can vary in length to produce book blocks on demand, variable in thickness and size. Book blocks are pre-glued and offset-stacked to facilitate operator handling and transportation to the next finishing phase.

With its innovative processing (patent pending) and on the fly adjustment of cross and vertical perforation position, along with dynamic length cutting and folding, Libra One supports mixed impositions in the same roll with on the fly change from 2up to 3up, fully automated and at speed.

In a unique feature of Tecnau’s Libra One, waste pages are minimized by reducing the size of the last signatures.  Depending on the number of pages of each book, the last signatures may be shortened in length to 8 page (2up) and 12 page (3up) signatures, minimizing the number of white pages at the end of each book.

The entire process is controlled via 2D Datamatrix code printed on each signature. This information drives the system and keeps control of the product’s integrity. A touch screen display starts and controls the system, setting up every module and displaying errors and alarms.

Speed max.

Paper Weight

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Solution Options

Libra One may connect to Tecnau’s innovative Libra 800 system, designed for assembling and finishing books printed in very short runs with variable perfect bind (PUR for book’s spine, Hot Melt for book’s sides), variable three-side trim and a personalized cover system for standard covers, covers with flaps or “false covers” (end sheets & gauze for preparation for hard cover books).

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