Libra One CS

Libra One CS


  • Pre-glued book blocks
  • Stacks from sheetfed digital printers
  • Change on the fly 2-up to 4-up
  • Speed up to 16.000 sheets per hour
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Libra One CS produces pre-glued book blocks ready for nearline binding, from stacked sheetfed printer output.

Produce one unique book at a time, automatically. Libra One CS is a fully integrated and automated system, allowing variability from one book to the next in dimension (footprint), thickness and imposition.

As the average book run is being significantly reduced, Libra One CS is the solution to support short run and book on demand production. With Libra, users can slash book stocks to zero, reducing dramatically paper waste and the risk of unsold inventory.

Libra One CS enables users to reach new markets where short runs are mandatory, such as manuals, limited editions, new authors publishing, art books, research papers, republishing, financial reports and more: small volume publications become an opportunity.

Libra One CS operates offline from sheetfed digital printers, accepting stacked output for short run, personalized books and book of one production.

Speed max.

Paper Weight

Input Sheet

Form width

Form Length


Book thickness

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