Libra 800

Libra 800


  • Fully automated solution
  • Short run and “book of one” production
  • Book dimensions variable in L/W/H
  • PUR or Hotmelt glue system
  • Soft cover and soft cover with flaps
  • Hard cover preparation
  • Cover making process fully automated
  • Fully variable heavy duty Three-Knife Trimmer
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Real Book on Demand – Full flexibility and high productivity

Highly configurable and customizable solution

Libra is the only fully automated and integrated system to produce one unique book at a time, allowing variability from one book to the next in dimension (footprint), thickness, and cover types (soft cover, false cover, cover with flaps).

As the average book run is being dramatically reduced, Libra is the most suitable solution to support short run and book on demand production. With Libra it’s possible to reduce to zero the stocks of each copy and the risk of unsold inventory.

Libra offers the opportunity to reach new markets where short runs are mandatory, such as manuals, limited editions, new authors publishing, art books, research papers, republishing, financial reports and more: small volume publications become an opportunity.

Libra is a unique inline or near line solution, with input from roll (one or two paper input) and/or from pre-assembled book-blocks for fully automated book on demand production. With a productivity up to 800 books per hour, Libra provides complete flexibility and efficiency for short run, personalized books and book of one production.



Web width


Finished Books

Width: 100 – 300 mm (3.9" – 11.8"), Height (spine): 130 – 305 mm (5.1" – 12")

Book thickness

Paper Weight

Soft Cover

False Cover

False Cover End Sheets

Width: 150 – 310 (5.9" – 12.2"), Height (spine): 190 – 305 mm (7.5" – 12.")

Cover Weight




Libra 800 Booklet

Tecnau Libra 800 named the best book on demand solution

Ivrea, Italy, May 21st, 2018 – Tecnau is proud to announce that the Libra 800 won a European Digital Press Association (EDP) Award 2018 in the category finishing/enhancement as the best book on demand post-press solution during Fespa Global Print Expo 2018 in Berlin.

“Tecnau Libra 800 was the choice as it enables continuous production of single copy books without manual adjustments from roll to finished book at speeds up to 800 books/hour”, commented Stefano De Marco, Sales & Marketing Director at Tecnau.

The perfect binding system allows printers to produce short-run digitally printed books, catalogues and magazines. The highly modular and configurable solution supports on-the-fly changeover in book size at speed, ensuring full integrity control page by page and exact matching between book block and cover.

This reliable binding system has been an evolving and growing solution, widening the array of possible applications and driving efficiency and intelligence throughout the complete production workflow. The EDP Award 2018 received is a great honor as it recognizes the distinct advantages, technological innovation and application flexibility that the Tecnau Libra 800 book on demand solution offers to its users.