FanFold VST

FanFold VST


  • Space-saving vertical stacks
  • Pinless fanfold
  • Reduced form damage
  • Improved productivity
  • Quick job changeovers
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The Fanfold VST solution is comprised of the Unwinder 550, Folder 92 and Vertical Stack Turner 192. This solution fanfolds printed output, stacks and transports forms in a space-saving vertical format and is well suited for high-volume mailing applications.

The Unwinder 550 feeds a roll of paper into the printer for several hours of continuous, uninterrupted printing. Printed material is then fed into the Folder 92 which fanfolds 6˝-16˝ form lengths up to 19.5˝ wide and features automated forms loading for easy start-up.

The Folder 92 fanfolds pinless or pinfed output from web-fed digital printers and allows automatic form size changes with an unlimited number of form lengths.

Folded output then automatically enters the Vertical Stack Turner 192 where forms are stacked in a space-saving vertical format.

When forms have reached the top of the Vertical Stack Turner, the web is cut and forms are removed, or the stack is flipped to achieve the correct sequence (A-Z or Z-A).

Speed max.


Paper Weight

Roll diameter

Web width

Form Length

Stack height

Automatic job separation

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