Dynamic Perforator TC 8300

Dynamic Perforator TC 8300


  • Speed up to 200 m/min (656 ft/min)
  • Read & Perforate On The Fly
  • Tight or loose paper
  • Standard blades from 8 to 30 tpi

Product Description

The 3-UP Dynamic Fast Perforator for large paper format PERFOFLEX TC 8300 has been developed to work in line with Digital Printers, to process up to 30.5” continuous paper modules printed in 3-up & 4-up portrait mode or 2-up landscape mode.

The TC 8000 series is based on an innovative perforation technology allowing improved perforation performances and minimum cross perforation distance.

TC 8000 series offer optional motorized vertical perforation wheels to automatically change the horizontal positions of the vertical perforations across the web, without stopping the web.

The PERFOFLEX TC 8300 main features include:

  • Six independent vertical perforation wheels.
  • Six cross perforation blades placed on three independent cylinders, each 12” long, for 3-up portrait and 2-up landscape applications.
  • Motorized movement of vertical perforation wheels across the web (optional).
  • Programmable cross & vertical perforation positions.
  • Cross perforation length determined by blade size, easily interchangeable.
  • Perforation position microprocessor controlled by OMR or Bar Code or D-Matrix readers.
  • “Read & Perforate On The Fly” software.
  • Automatic detection of paper module length.
  • Paper speed: up to 200 m/min (656 ft/min).
  • Tension paper web or slack paper web.
  • Standard blades from 8 to 30 tpi.
  • Blank paper management.
  • Touch screen operator panel.
  • Remote assistance.
  • Parallel and serial interface.
  • Connection in line with digital printers.

Technical Specifications

Speed max.


Paper Weight

Web width

Perf. Type

Blades x cyl.

Punch Type

Form Length

Perf. Distance



Infield Upgrade

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