• Variable form length detected through 2D code or selected by input data
  • Variable strip cut by changing the blade cartridge or by doing a double cut with a single blade
  • Ideal solution for book covers, wallpapers, calendars and lot more
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Finishing solution for continuous forms

CutReady has been developed to finish pre-printed rolls into fully trimmed output of variable size. CutReady is a reliable solution to change application on demand, cut and collect variable form size printed on the same roll.

Types of applications include: Year Books, Calendars, Covers, Dust Jackets, Posters, Banners, Portraits. Thanks to its modular configuration, the output can be delivered to a shingling conveyor or to a vibrating collection box. Application change is quick and performed at operator level to minimize changeover time.

The CutReady solution consists of the Unwinder 550, Cutter TC 7000 TS, Shingling Table TC 0250 and of the optional Collecting Box TC 0040. This system efficiently produces groups of sheets of variable length at speeds up to 100 m/min (330 ft/min).

The center-shaft driven Unwinder 550 starts the process by feeding a roll of paper into the printer for several hours of continuous, uninterrupted printing. The Unwinder 550 handles a variety of media including lightweight paper, labels and coated stocks and offers consistent, reliable feeding.

Once material is printed, the Cutter TC 7000 TS allows automatic form size changes with an unlimited number of form lengths, varying from 102 mm (4”) up to 1600 mm (63”) detected through 2D code or selected by input data. The Cutter TC 7000 TS allows variable strip cuts by changing blade cartridges or by doing a double cut with a single blade. Blank paper and cleaning sheets are automatically diverted to the waste bin with no operator intervention. 1-up, 2-up and 3-up printing modes permit full variable form size for every kind of application.

By adding the optional Collecting Box TC 0040, the output can be easily stacked, removed by operator and moved to the next finishing phase. All components are modular, compact and are designed to dramatically improve work-flow.

Dimensions 5300 × 1140 × 1500 mm

Paper Weight

Form width

Form Length

Edge Trimming

Gutter Cut

Strip cut

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