BMS 100, 200, 400

///BMS 100, 200, 400

BMS 100, 200, 400


  • Fully automated booklet assembling system and secure environment for any type of booklets: cheque book, restaurant tickets, travel booklet, prescription books, and more.
  • From cut-sheet or continuous forms
  • Up to 2000 booklets/hour
  • Book thickness up to 15 mm (0,6”)
  • Customized solutions, fulfilling all customer needs: multiple infeeds, stitching unit, tape binding, booklet stacking, wrapping station, all independently selectable.
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Product Description

The Bookmaking Systems are able to automatically cut, match, collate, stitch, and spine hot melt personalized Booklets, Cheque Books, Ticket Restaurant books, documents of different size and composition guaranteeing the needed security.

The Book Making System is an high performance cutter with OMR, Bar Code or D-Matrix Readers. It’s equipped with a side trimming unit, a central knife cartridge, a guillotine cutter and with two stitching heads adjust automatically at booklet thickness.

The Tecnau software controls the correct sequence and composition of the booklet ensuring the integrity of the booklets assembled and avoiding human errors during the production process.

BMS 100

  • 1-up printing mode
  • One or two webs cutter
  • Staples or eyelets
  • Hot melt tape

BMS 200

  • 2-up printing mode, parallel (P) or slalom (S)
  • One or two webs cutter
  • Staples or eyelets
  • Slalom (S) or parallel (P) mode
  • Hot melt tape

BMS 400

  • 3-up or 4-up printing mode on A4 (8.5 x 11) sheets
  • One web cutter or cut sheet feeder
  • Staples or eyelets
  • Guillotine blade cartridge
  • Hot melt tape

Technical Specifications



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Paper Weight

Cover Weight

Web width

Form Length

Form width

Strip cut

Edge Trimming



BMS 200 24P Brochure A4
BMS 200 24P Brochure US
BMS 200 24S Brochure A4
BMS 200 24S Brochure US
BMS 400 Brochure A4
BMS 400 Brochure US