Poligrafico Roggero & Tortia (PRT) chooses to rely on Tecnau for pre/post finishing solutions linked to the new Ricoh Pro VC60000 continuous inkjet printer. The solution proposed includes the unwinder and rewinder of the Roll 9 series and the dynamic punching unit TC 1350 P. The new line has been installed at their production site in the province of Turin.

PRT was founded in 1921 operating from the beginning in the field of graphic arts and printing. The company soon became a leading player in transactional printing services, with their position solidified by continuous technological investments for high volume capability and finished product quality.

The Roll 9 solution series selected by PRT has been specifically developed to match the range of possible applications enabled by today’s digital inkjet printers. Roll 9 supports a wide range of papers, ranging from 40 gsm to 300 gsm, for standard offset paper, glossy or matte, uncoated or coated. The solution also allows automatic paper tension adjustment and consequently a simple and quick change between paper types and applications.

The new TC 1350 P dynamic perforator adds another level of flexibility by customizing the printed output with vertical “on demand” perforations specifically designed for transactional and direct mail applications in the financial, banking and insurance markets.

The dynamic perforating unit is completely integrated on the rewinder, for an extremely compact solution configuration and high efficiency.

Thanks to Böwe Systec Italia which distributes Tecnau products through the country, PRT can rely on a network of technical assistance to ensure rapid intervention times for 7/24 assistance.


TC 1350 P dynamic perforator on Rewinder u9