The versatile NewsReady solution is the right choice
for newspaper or commercial book production.

Depending on the application required, the Tecnau NewsReady works as a roll to cut, collect and fold solution or as a roll to cut & stack with offset. NewsReady can cut, accumulate and fold sets of up to 24 sheets (96 pages) or cut and stack up to 10” (250 mm) sets of sheets printed in 1-up, 2-up, 3-up or 4-up mode with offset.

Example Layouts and Different Configurations

Application Example 1

  • Cut/Fold: 1 sheet fixed, 2x cross-fold

Application Example 2

  • Cut/Fold: multiple sheets, 1x cross-fold

Application Example 3

  • Cut/Fold: 1 sheet, 1x cross-fold or 1x Z-fold

Application Example 4

  • Cut/Stack: 1up offset stack delivery (no fold)

Application Example 5

  • Cut/Stack: 2up offset stack delivery (no fold)