The TC 1550 PLUS series has been updated. New dynamic perforating and punching models are now available with the TC 1550 HS series.

Billerica, MA (February 7, 2012) – Lasermax Roll Systems announces the new Tecnau TC 1550 PLUS series of dynamic perforating modules. The TC 1550 PLUS modules operate in line with high speed digital printing systems and finishing equipment, and employ a new dual blade per shaft technology to offer increased flexibility for dynamic horizontal and vertical perforations.

With the new base TC 1550 PLUS, the minimum repeat distance between consecutive horizontal perforations is significantly reduced from 6” to 3.5” at 500 fpm, enabling users to run a broader range of applications. Models incorporating multiple perforation shafts, each equipped with the dual blade feature, offer even higher levels of performance.

In addition, the TC 1550 PLUS modules can run up to 600 fpm (180m/min). Optional dynamic file-hole punching (TC 1550 PLUS P) allows even further application flexibility.

Finally, the TC 1550 PLUS series offers increased cross and vertical perforation accuracy at maximum speed.

The TC 1550 PLUS series is available in the Americas directly from Lasermax Roll Systems (978 608-0500), and outside the Americas through the Tecnau distributor network.