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The Inkjet Summit is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future inkjet production printing technology, software and solutions will impact their business and investment decisions.   This summit offers strategic level insights into what printing industry leaders should do to improve and optimize their business.

The Inkjet Summit provides a unique and valuable experience for attendees to acquire this knowledge.  Pre-qualified attendees will meet and learn from the “who’s who” in the inkjet space as well as your peers who have or plan to install inkjet solutions.  Their peers will tell about the successes and challenges encountered when implementing this new technology.  They will have access to THE industry leaders and experts covering THE topics they need to hear about –  all to help them make better decisions.  This unique format provides sponsors with 1:1 meetings with executives intimately involved with strategy and purchasing across major industry segments:

  • Transaction/Transpromo
  • Direct mail/Marketing
  • Books
  • General Commercial Print

The Inkjet Opportunity

Over the next decade, Inkjet production printing technology and solutions will prove to be a most disruptive force in the Graphic Arts Industry.  Industry forecasts show that Total Annual Inkjet impressions will account for close to one-third of all digital printing volume worldwide by 2016.  As the interest in Inkjet continues to grow, both print providers and corporate enterprises are seeking understanding and guidance from industry experts, peers, and market leaders to help develop strategies, understand their options, and make major investment decisions around Inkjet.  Suppliers are looking for ways to identify and develop relationships with these key executives specifically interested in Inkjet solutions.  The Inkjet Summit is designed to meet the needs of both attendees and sponsors together in a focused, exclusive, and casual business environment.