Bills and invoices production have never been so easy

With the Tecnau offline or inline roll to roll and cut & stack solutions for transactional applications you can extend run time and cut and stack even the most lightweight papers. For top quality flat fanfold stacks produced from pinless or pinfed rolls of paper rely on Tecnau’s high-speed roll to fanfold solutions. Static or dynamic processing units can be added to further customize your applications with extra perforations for tear-out forms or vouchers or different types of punching.



Roll to Roll – Extended Run Time Productivity

The Roll solutions each include an unwinder and rewinder to produce high-quality, tightly wound rolls ready for inserting or near-line finishing.  The newest innovations available on Tecnau Roll to Roll systems include a new air-shaft design for smooth high-speed feeding of the roll into the digital press, an easy-to-use touch screen control panel, automatic detection of roll feed direction, and semiautomatic roll loading.

Get unprecedented reliability and high performance cutting and stacking for your continuous high-speed color digital printer. Tecnau’s Stack solutions deliver 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks with variable full bleed cuts at speeds up to 180 m/min (600 ft/min).

These latest-generation systems incorporate Smooth-Web™ motion technology, synchronizing modules for gentle, reliable handling of even very lightweight papers.

The Cutter c23 has dual rotary knives to sheet the web, single cutting or variable double cutting for full-bleed printing. Stacker s20 offers reliable, cost-effective handling of most applications, while the shingling Stacker s30 offers higher-speed operation and superior lightweight paper handling.

Roll To Roll – with Dynamic Perforator TC 1550 HS

The TC 1550 HS processor creates on-demand horizontal and vertical perforations, and offers options for static pinfeed punching or dynamic file hole punching, yielding user-friendly documents for your customer and application flexibility for you.

The HS series features an optional Performance Package upgrade with two perforation blades per shaft (field-upgradable), nearly cutting in half the minimum horizontal perforation repeat available at a given speed. A 2D Datamatrix, barcode or OMR code on each page triggers one of up to 89 pre-programmed perforation patterns page-by-page within your job.

Choose from dynamic perforation models with two, four or six horizontal and vertical perforation devices to best match your needs. The TC 1550 HS features automatic page length detection and automatic synchronization after blank paper. Optional tensioner or detensioner modules to match your printer operation are available on-board for reduced footprint. Expandable models are also available with free space for future in-field upgrades.

WEBVISION – 100% quality control at full production speed

Whether your business handles high volume transactional print, trans promotional documents, direct mail or other, quality of print is critical to the performance of your business.

The WebVision™ solution for integrity and quality in print operations can examine every page of print in-line as it’s produced on today’s fastest digital printers and perform instant analysis to ensure quality results.

WebVision is highly configurable, with internal-to-the-printer (WebVision INspect) and external (WebVision EXspect) versions, as well as a variety of software packages to more closely match your application requirements, ranging from simple display of the web for easy operator review to full, multiple testing functions to alert the operator to a variety of possible work-flow or print quality issues.

WebVision ONspect is an economical inspection alternative for those with simple bar-code reading requirements.

Software capabilities:

  • Barcode grading, print quality verification, color verification, format verify, postal verify, address verify and sequence verify, job tracking and reporting, matching (front to back), data validation, image recording and output and more.

System connectivity:

  • Real-time connectivity with ADF systems.
  • Communication with printers and/or post processing devices.
  • Generate configurable data output to networked systems.

Supported symbologies:

  • WebVision reads common 1D, 2D and Postal barcodes, as well as OCR fonts.

Data Management:

  • On-board SQL database for real time lookup;
  • Analysis and logging.
  • Extensive data export capabilities.

User interface:

  • Touch screen wide-format (2-up) monitor.
  • Multi-lingual operator interface (English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch).
  • Simple template driven job setup.
  • Multiple simultaneous areas of interest and quality tests per page.
  • Freeze, pan, zoom and replay images.
  • Visual warnings and alerts.