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PageReady, PhotoReady, CutReady, Roll to Cut & Stack

The increasing demand for web-to-print photo applications require a convenient cut & stack solution for digitally printed photographs; Tecnau cut-sheet or continuous web solutions collect a fully-trimmed wide range of photo formats (4” x 4” to 18” x 60”) grouped accordingly to the printing order. For other graphic art applications such as book covers, marketing brochures and posters, solutions are also available with speeds up to 137 m/min (450 ft/min), compatible with different impositions and paper weights.



PageReady  –  Fully automated: cut, trim, collate, stack, feed

Convert multiple image press sheets into smaller professionally finished pages without the demand for guillotine cutters. PageReady® reduces manual print handling and consolidates labor‑intensive finishing operations into a single, efficient process.

PageReady reads a 2D Datamatrix or barcode to provide automated job set-up and changeovers. There is no need for batching jobs – PageReady adjusts in seconds to new sheet sizes and job impositions, minimizing operator intervention and eliminating make-ready waste.

With the capability to run up to 120 press sheets per minute a single PageReady supports multiple sheet-fed digital presses. PageReady provides a number of output options for both flat and multi-page documents, preserving significant flexibility for your print operations.

CutReady  –  Variable cut for on demand output

CutReady has been developed to finish pre-printed rolls into fully trimmed output of variable size.

CutReady is a reliable solution to change application on demand, cut and collect variable form size printed on the same roll.

Types of applications include: Year Books, Calendars, Covers, Dust Jackets, Posters, Banners, Portraits.

Thanks to its modular configuration, the output can be delivered to a shingling conveyor or to a vibrating collection box. Application change is quick and performed at operator level to minimize changeover time.

PhotoReady – Convenient photo cutting/stacking

Cut and stack digitally-printed photographs over a broad range of finished sizes. PhotoReady™ slits and cuts pre-printed (and laminated) rolls into fully trimmed output, grouped according to the printing order and delivered to a stacker or a shingling conveyor.

A wide range of formats is supported, from 4” x 4” to 18” x 60”, printed in 1-up, 2-up, 3-up and 4-up modes.

PhotoReady features 2D Datamatrix recognition for group stacking, modular design for easy maintenance, and cutting speed and paper acceleration control, making this solution reliable and flexible for every kind of photo application.



Roll to Cut & Stack – Stack 566

Rely on the Stack 566 for high performance cutting and stacking from web-fed digital printers. Running at speeds up to 137 m/min (450 ft/min), the Stack 566 is an ideal solution for print on demand and Graphic Art printers who want to be well positioned for today and for tomorrow.

Whatever your printing needs, the versatile Stack 566 is your solution. For near-line finishing of print on demand applications, the Stack 566 produces 1-up, 2-up or 3-up stacks effortlessly. The Stack 566, configured to match your requirements, includes the latest technology in rotary cutting, stacking and job offsetting.

A broad range of basis weights is supported, from 11 to 54# bond or 40 to 200 gsm. Stacks are well spaced for crisp, clean quality and easy removal by the operator to near-line or off-line finishers or inserters.

The Stacker 566 is equipped with an anti-static mechanism essential to successful handling of the webs and a controlled sheet stop device designed to reduce the sheet speed to prevent damage to the paper’s sensitive edges.

Optional Capabilities

Buffer 530: accumulate the paper web and weaves it through rollers that rise and fall, filling the buffer and allowing job delivery without stopping the printer.

Cutter 562: Same features as the Cutter 561, plus the ability to process pinless slit merge applications.

Roll to Roll – Extended Run Time Productivity

The Roll solutions each include an unwinder and rewinder to produce high-quality, tightly wound rolls ready for inserting or near-line finishing.  The newest innovations available on Tecnau Roll to Roll systems include a new air-shaft design for smooth high-speed feeding of the roll into the digital press, an easy-to-use touch screen control panel, automatic detection of roll feed direction, and semiautomatic roll loading.

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