Color inkjet technology has given new vitality to direct mail printing, now widely recognized as a necessary complement to email marketing campaigns. Tecnau offers a number of solutions to add efficiency and flexibility to your print operation

Start with roll feeding (Splicer u40) for increased printer uptime, then chip-out cut and stack for full bleed applications and offline inserting (Stack 2320).  Dynamically perforate and punch for personalized coupons, discount cards and special offers (TC 1550 HS). Tecnau solutions can also be connected to third-party devices, such as booklet makers and signature folders, to alternate from delivering normal offset stacks to feeding an inline binder/finisher.



Zero Speed Splicer u40  –  Keep your printer running

Printer stoppages due to roll changeover can last up to fifteen minutes. With today’s fast printers running through a roll as quickly as one hour, percentage downtime due to roll changes can approach 25%. With the Zero Speed Splicer u40, this percentage drops to zero. Significantly, the Splicer u40 also virtually eliminates the lengthy paper waste associated with printer stoppages due to roll depletion.

Zero Speed Splicer u40 offers a high degree of flexibility to your operation, accommodating a broad variation in paper weights in successive rolls, and even accommodating variation in successive roll widths. The web may be justified to the left, right or center, allowing the Splicer u40 to work with varying digital production printers. The Zero Speed Splicer u40 includes two roll unwinders, two 90° web guides to assure precision at the splicing edge, a central splicing unit and a buffer.

With automatic compression of splices and an interface with compatible printers to raise the print heads while the splice passes by, the Splicer u40 protects the print heads from damage.

Stack 2320 can be connected to third-party finishing solutions through the Feeder 568, to alternate from delivering normal stacks or feeding an in-line binding device.

Roll To Stack – Stack 2320 to Signature Folder

Get unprecedented reliability and high performance cutting and stacking for your continuous high-speed color digital printer. Tecnau’s Stack solutions deliver 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks with variable full bleed cuts at speeds up to 180 m/min (600 ft/min).

These latest-generation systems incorporate Smooth-Web™ motion technology, synchronizing modules for gentle, reliable handling of even very lightweight papers.

The Cutter c23 has dual rotary knives to sheet the web, single cutting or variable double cutting for full-bleed printing. Stacker s20 offers reliable, cost-effective handling of most applications, while the shingling Stacker s30 offers higher-speed operation and superior lightweight paper handling.



Roll To Roll – with Dynamic Perforator TC 1550 HS

The TC 1550 HS processor creates on-demand horizontal and vertical perforations, and offers options for static pinfeed punching or dynamic file hole punching, yielding user-friendly documents for your customer and application flexibility for you.

The HS series features an optional Performance Package upgrade with two perforation blades per shaft (field-upgradable), nearly cutting in half the minimum horizontal perforation repeat available at a given speed. A 2D Datamatrix, barcode or OMR code on each page triggers one of up to 89 pre-programmed perforation patterns page-by-page within your job.

Choose from dynamic perforation models with two, four or six horizontal and vertical perforation devices to best match your needs. The TC 1550 HS features automatic page length detection and automatic synchronization after blank paper. Optional tensioner or detensioner modules to match your printer operation are available on-board for reduced footprint. Expandable models are also available with free space for future in-field upgrades.

Stack 1220, smart stack delivery

The Stack 1220 is the latest and most advanced solution designed by Tecnau. The central stacker unit is based on the TC 1200 model, enriched with new and unique features. The Stacker TC 1220 is able to offer an offset mode for different job separation and to work without interruption in continuous operating mode when packs are sent effortlessly to the delivery conveyor.

A delivery conveyor TC 0320 that connected directly to the new Stacker TC 1220 can handle up to four packs A4 portrait, in two lines, 2,000-sheet pack.

Stack 1200, flexible output

The Stack 1200 solution features the Unwinder 550, Simpla Cutter 1000 (pinfed) or TC 7000 (pinless), Stacker TC 1200 and Delivery Table TC 0300 with the optional Merging modules, and produces book blocks delivered one by one.

Stack 1250 G continuous offset stacking

The versatile Stack 1250 G effortlessly produce print on demand applications as 2-up merged stacks from pinfed or pinless paper for statements or TransPromo applications ready for offline inserting. The Stacker TC 1250 G builds up to 2.000 sheet stacks, which are delivered to a pack conveyor system when a separation mark is detected by a OMR or 2D code reader.