Tecnau offers advanced equipment for users who want to completely automate the workflow process with proven and cost-effective solutions for commercial printing:

For brochure and flyer applications the Stack 2320 is the perfect solution to be placed offline or inline to high-speed digital printers and process a paper roll to final cut and stacked product. For special applications with tear-out coupons, the TC 1550 PLUS Dynamic Perforator with optional punching units can be added along the line to further expand possibilities. In addition, to support large format papers, finished products can be directly delivered on pallets with the High Pile Stacker h10. For booklet production, the Stack 2320 can be also connected to third-party devices to alternate from delivering normal offset stacks to feeding an inline finisher.
Digitally printed newspaper can be cut, accumulated and folded with the smart and economical NewsReady finishing line. This system is uniquely flexible to easily switch from newspaper production to standard, non-folded cut & stacked output, allowing users to leverage their investment over a variety of applications.
For catalogues and manuals, the Libra One system for book-block production is available in continuous web and cut-sheet versions. Short runs are easy as one book-block can differ from the next in any dimension.
Finished book blocks with different cover types (soft cover, folded covers and end sheets) can be bound with an automated production line up to 800 books/hour.
Checkbooks with tape-binding and/or stitching can be effortlessly produced using the BMS 100, 200 or 400 systems.


Stack 2320 can be connected to third-party finishing solutions through the Feeder 568, to alternate from delivering normal stacks or feeding an in-line binding device.

Roll To Stack – Stack to Signature Folder

Get unprecedented reliability and high performance cutting and stacking for your continuous high-speed color digital printer. Tecnau’s Stack solutions deliver 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks with variable full bleed cuts at speeds up to 180 m/min (600 ft/min).

These latest-generation systems incorporate Smooth-Web™ motion technology, synchronizing modules for gentle, reliable handling of even very lightweight papers.

The Cutter c23 has dual rotary knives to sheet the web, single cutting or variable double cutting for full-bleed printing. Stacker s20 offers reliable, cost-effective handling of most applications, while the shingling Stacker s30 offers higher-speed operation and superior lightweight paper handling.

H10  –  High Pile Stacker

Choose the Stacker h10 for your Cutter c2X finishing line to accumulate sheets up to 20.5” x 29.5” & up to 20.5” x 39.5” (520 x 720 mm & 520 x 1000 mm)* in stacks up to 27.5” (700 mm) high. Collect sheets on a convenient trolley or a pallet. Stacker h10 includes a jogger for clean neat stacks. The stacker features non-stop operation: the operator is alerted when the h10 is near full; when maximum height is reached, buffering forks are engaged to begin accumulating a new stack while the operator removes the full stack and loads a new trolley/pallet. (*depending on the selected version)

Roll To Roll – with Dynamic Perforator TC 1550 HS

The TC 1550 HS processor creates on-demand horizontal and vertical perforations, and offers options for static pinfeed punching or dynamic file hole punching, yielding user-friendly documents for your customer and application flexibility for you.

The HS series features an optional Performance Package upgrade with two perforation blades per shaft (field-upgradable), nearly cutting in half the minimum horizontal perforation repeat available at a given speed. A 2D Datamatrix, barcode or OMR code on each page triggers one of up to 89 pre-programmed perforation patterns page-by-page within your job.

Choose from dynamic perforation models with two, four or six horizontal and vertical perforation devices to best match your needs. The TC 1550 HS features automatic page length detection and automatic synchronization after blank paper. Optional tensioner or detensioner modules to match your printer operation are available on-board for reduced footprint. Expandable models are also available with free space for future in-field upgrades.

NewsReady  –  Cut & stack digitally-printed newspapers

Add a simple, economical digitally-printed newspaper finishing line to your operation. NewsReady cuts, accumulates, folds and stacks operating in-line with web-fed digital printers at speeds up to 100 m/min (330 ft/min). This solution features the Unwinder 550, Buffer b12, Cutter TC 7000 HS, Accumulator TC 1007 L and Folder with Exit Conveyor.

The system produces 1-up folded booklets with up to 24 sheets (96 pages) in each set to an exit conveyor ready for delivery or inserting.
Finished newspapers are neat, well folded and accumulated on an exit conveyor to be collected by the operator or delivered to near-line or off-line inserters. The NewsReady cutter cartridges have a unique design which enables quick application changeover and easy on-site maintenance.

This modular system can be easily reconfigured with a Tecnau stacker and shingling conveyor – run newspapers at night with the Accumulator‑Folder, and swap modules the next morning for more conventional, non-folded cut/stack applications. Users are not tied to a single, inflexible solution.

Vibrating Collecting Box 
Stack together printed and folded books for easy handling and removal with the TC 0040 L Collecting Box.

Alternative Configuration 
Cut & Stack Solution: The Stacker TC 1220 along with the Exit Conveyor TC 0320 can be substituted for the accumulator and folder to process up to 20.5” wide webs in 10” stacks with left to right offset.