Digital printing and finishing enables efficient short runs and book on demand production

Publishers can order smaller stocks or even single copies in order to reduce time to market, dramatically drop inventory and create new market opportunities with niche publications, new authors and their backlist. Choose among a number of alternative lines to produce book blocks and finished books to best match your operation:




Libra One – Books, One by One

Libra One is a complete and integrated system for producing pre-glued book blocks, ready for nearline binding.

Libra One can operate inline or nearline to digital printers at speeds up to 130 m/min (430 ft/min). The system starts from a roll up to 19.7” wide, printed in 2-up and 3-up, and generates 12 page and 18 page signatures.

Each book block can be composed of a variable number of signatures, and each signature can vary in length to produce book blocks on demand, variable in thickness and size.

Book blocks are pre-glued and offset-stacked to facilitate operator handling and transportation to the next finishing phase.

With its innovative processing (patent pending) and on the fly adjustment of cross and vertical perforation position, along with dynamic length cutting and folding, Libra One supports mixed impositions in the same roll with on the fly change from 2-up to 3-up, fully automated and at speed.

In a unique feature of Tecnau’s Libra One, waste pages are minimized by reducing the size of the last signatures. Depending on the number of pages of each book, the last signatures may be shortened in length to 8 page (2-up) and 12 page (3-up) signatures, minimizing the number of white pages at the end of each book.

Libra One CS – Books, One by One

Produce one unique book at a time, automatically. Libra One CS is a fully integrated and automated system, allowing variability from one book to the next in dimension (footprint), thickness and imposition.

As the average book run is being significantly reduced, Libra One CS is the solution to support short run and book on demand production. With Libra, users can slash book stocks to zero, reducing dramatically paper waste and the risk of unsold inventory.

Libra One CS enables users to reach new markets where short runs are mandatory, such as manuals, limited editions, new authors publishing, art books, research papers, republishing, financial reports and more: small volume publications become an opportunity.

Libra One CS operates offline from sheetfed digital printers, accepting stacked output for short run, personalized books and book of one production.

Stack 2320 can be connected to third-party finishing solutions through the Feeder 568, to alternate from delivering normal stacks or feeding an in-line binding device.

Roll To Stack – Stack to Signature Folder

Get unprecedented reliability and high performance cutting and stacking for your continuous high-speed color digital printer. Tecnau’s Stack solutions deliver 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks with variable full bleed cuts at speeds up to 180 m/min (600 ft/min).

These latest-generation systems incorporate Smooth-Web™ motion technology, synchronizing modules for gentle, reliable handling of even very lightweight papers.

The Cutter c23 has dual rotary knives to sheet the web, single cutting or variable double cutting for full-bleed printing. Stacker s20 offers reliable, cost-effective handling of most applications, while the shingling Stacker s30 offers higher-speed operation and superior lightweight paper handling.

StreamFolder 2030

The StreamFolder™ system for short-run books produces book blocks comprised of 4-panel or 6-panel signatures. The finished book blocks have extremely accurate page registration and the folding process reverses the natural paper curl every other sheet, resulting in very flat, premium quality books.

The Z-fold used for 3-up streams is a unique feature of the StreamFolder f20 and it provides substantial advantages versus competitive C-fold systems. Every roll of paper has slight variations in width. Only the StreamFolder’s Z-fold design can guarantee fixed page registration to the spine edge, regardless of these variations.

The Z-fold forces web-width variations to the face edge which is cleanly trimmed during binding, producing a superior quality book. For maximum flexibility and efficiency, the StreamFolder f20 enables a 1-up stack of folded signatures to be created from either 2-up or 3-up print streams and can easily be switched according to final book size and paper width. It also features a bypass mode to process 1-up print streams, or when output of 2-up or 3-up single cut sheets is desired.

Signatures created with the StreamFolder system are neatly stacked and can be quickly and easily jogged for reliable binding. Output delivery options are easily switched with no movement of modules, to offer the flexibility you need for your print on demand applications.