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Short Run Book Production at Henry Ling Limited

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Short Run Book Production at Henry Ling Limited 2017-07-14T13:00:40+00:00

Project Description

 Streamlines Short Run Book Production with Tecnau Libra 800

The Libra 800 is a very clever bit of equipment because it can accommodate changes with little or no makeready and that has a significant effect on our productivity.


Short Run Journals & Books

Signature book-block production
Hot melt binding and
Three-knife trimming

Canon Océ ColorStream 3700

Book on Demand Libra 800
StreamFolder™ f30
Variable assembling station
On demand soft cover maker
Libra VB Variable Binder
Libra VT Variable Three-knife trimmer



Henry Ling Limited Case Study

Henry Ling, a leading UK manufacturer of journals and books, has doubled binding capacity after investing in a Tecnau Libra 800 to help it adapt to market demand for cost effective short run, fast turnaround orders.

The 140 year old independently-owned Dorchester firm is a well-respected supplier to scientific, technical medical (STM) publishers and Learned Royal Societies. It is firmly committed to continually investing in innovative solutions to improve its services.

“The run length in journal work is continually decreasing,” explains Helen Kennett, managing director of the 105-person firm. “We are being asked to complete lots of smaller jobs and so needed a binder that was more efficient with less makeready. At the same time we were looking to add cost effective colour inkjet to support our webfed mono toner press. We were also concerned how any new investment would be supported in the bindery.”

Henry Ling invested in a Canon Océ Colorstream 3700 web fed inkjet press at the end of 2013, enabling the business to add value with cost effective inkjet colour.

Updating the bindery was still an issue, however. Much market research was undertaken before the investment was finalised, explains Ms. Kennett: “I went to a Tecnau installation in Italy three years ago and have kept up to date with the developments. We knew we needed to make the inkjet press investment first but waited to find a press that suited our needs perfectly. We then turned our attention to Tecnau. Together with inkjet this has been a major investment and we had to be sure it would work for the business.”

Tecnau’s Libra 800 is an offline roll-to-finished-book line. It comprises of an unwinder, StreamFolder f30, guillotine cutter, and Libra VB Variable Binder, connected to the Libra VT Variable Three-knife trimmer. The StreamFolder f30 vertically folds the web, and is equipped with web guides, semi-automated fold heads and motorized vertical perforation knives to facilitate application change from 2up to 3up and reduce changeover time to minimum. The solution can produce 4 and 6 page signatures to be collected on a variable assembling station.

The signatures are compiled into a book block, which is then automatically transferred to the binder input, measured in thickness and placed directly into a clamp by a robot. The cover is cut, trimmed and scored depending on the book size and matched with the book block. The book is then transferred to the Libra VT Variable Three-knife Trimmer through a conveyor system. The system can also operate via manual feeding of already composed book blocks to be bound and finished. The system is a flexible production line, capable of producing up to 800 books per hour.

Henry Ling’s Tecnau investment also included a second inline production system featuring the ColorStream 3700 and rewinder. Both lines are operated using Tecnau’s PrePost Manager Tecnau management information system designed to read, collect and report information. The process is controlled via 2D Datamatrix code. The software controls the correct sequence and composition of each book and guarantees correct book block and cover matching, ensuring integrity and avoiding human error during the production process. A full report on productivity and errors is delivered. For Henry Ling, this means transparency, assured production and peace of mind.

Tecnau’s PrePost Manager also offers Henry Ling peace of mind via its remote support and diagnostic checking service. Any issues can be quickly and easily reviewed by Tecnau technical specialists, and operators can be guided towards the most appropriate action to take to get production back up to speed.

Ms. Kennett expands: “The Libra 800 is a very clever bit of equipment because it can accommodate changes with little or no makeready and that has a significant effect on our productivity.”


As for the impact of the new lines Ms. Kennett states: “We had to invest as we were at near capacity. Previously there were bottlenecks in the bindery, this has all been eliminated. In particular, going forward with the Libra 800 we see the importance of providing a very flexible and efficient solution for short run production for our customers, and now we can offer them a great choice. And, we have doubled our binding capacity.”

She concludes: “We listen to customers and as we are owner-managed we are able to invest and implement changes quite quickly. We do continually review our operation and customers appreciate that and understand what we have done and why we have done it. That is a strong point in an industry that is undergoing considerable change.”

“Henry Ling is continuously looking for improving the quality and efficiency of their production process and we are delighted that they will build on our solutions for their next growth in digital finishing,” comments Stefano De Marco, Tecnau sales and marketing director EMEA. “For us, it is a great learning opportunity to work closely with industry leaders as Henry Ling, with their 140 years’ experience in book finishing. This continuously pushes us towards improvements and new technological frontiers”.